Saturday, 25 July 2009

Saturday & another weekend!

Rut-buster alert!!!
I'm making slow-cooker rice pudding right now, with semi skim milk and short grain BROWN rice! Instead of adding sugar I'm sweetening it with home-made applesauce, some mixed spice, and I had a cinnamon stick in for most of the time. It had about 4.5 hrs on low, then I do the cinnamon stick out, turned it up to high and left the lid slightly up to thicken it as the milk obviously didn't boil off at all. Its very nearly ready, looking forward to tasting it!
Food today:
All bran and strawberries with a wonderfully thick and spoonable summer fruit smoothie with vanilla whey and spinach
Onion soup with cider (Waitrose - tasty but a little too sweet) with spelt & sunflower seed bread spread with laughing cow light and a tomato grown by my Mum's OH.
Salad with corn on the cob, BISON steak and GOAT chops!!! Can't wait to try the exciting meats, though I'm not usually one for so much animal protein in one meal
Ryvita goodness bar * 2, some peanut butter (about a teaspoon) and a spelt seeded cracker. And a few nibbles of frozen grapes and banana.
Had a lovely walk into town this morning. I desperately needed a haircut before next week's departure on holiday and I also went to the library, where I managed to satisfy my blood-lust with lots of murder mysteries including a 21st century investigation into Jack the Ripper. I'm not murderously inclined myself, but I like a good mystery!
Weight this morning: 9 st 13.25 lbs (139.25 lbs)

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