Friday, 24 July 2009

The Relief...

One Senokot and 60g of fibre later I'm finally fixed!
Weight this morning 9st 13lbs 4oz (139.25lbs). I know I shouldn't really care - at least not to the point of mood-altering effects, but I got on the scales with my eyes shut and after peeking had a big grin on my face for the next hour!
Food yesterday:
Meals were OK, All bran & strawberries and a summer fruit smoothie for breakfast, lunch was a small salad followed by Dutch Apple Crumble, dinner wheat & oatbran cooked in water with pumpkin, banana and vanilla whey, topped with raspberries and soya milk.
The snacks included mini chocolate glazed doughnuts, mini caramel cake bars, peanut butter, frozen grapes & banana, seeded spelt crackers....
pretty sure I was over cals but I got fed up of recording it so I don't know the full horror.
Today's food:
All bran with strawberries, summer fruit smoothie (with kale - still don't like that as much as spinach so I'll be getting spinach for next week)
Egg sandwich bought in the work's canteen because I couldn't face getting food together while so depressed and fed up yesterday, possibly with some tinned mandarin oranges to follow
The mushroom pasta I was supposed to have yesterday
Trying to cut back on the snacking as it seems to be becoming an issue. The 80-20 rule doesn't mean eat healthy meals at meal times then every so often eat non-stop in between the meals I don't think!
I did have one more chocolate mini doughnut, it wasn't as good today so no more. Also a protein bar, very filling and high fibre as well as high protein. And 3 mini savoury bites (mini scotch eggs filled with chopped hard boiled egg)
I'm hoping to go for a walk and a run this afternoon after work. I need to buy some money for my holiday today, so that will give me a walk if the weather's good enough - not a very long one, but every little helps. Then I think I'll see if I can run further than usual on a flatter course - my target (again depending on the weather) is to run continuously for 15 mins, then turn round and run back (possibly with a rest at the farthest point.) I've been running for maybe 19 or 20 mins up to now, so I may not make it, but usually I have to slow to a walk on the way out because of some hilly bits that I find quite hard. I want to run hills, but right now I want to be able to run for longer first, then increase the speed / inclination to up the intensity.

Rain stopped run, but I managed the walk - then had some apricots, apple and a seeded spelt cracker because I was feeling a bit giddy

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