Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Ran today

After work I headed out for a run. As always I'm wondering why its been so long since last time... why can't I just be more consistent??? According to mapometer I managed approx 5K - and I ran it all!!! I think it was probably a little less than that as my line was a bit wobbly when tracing out the route. I kind of wanted to die a few times, but it was good to get home knowing I did more this time than last time. Choosing a new route with less hills definitely helped - I'm not strong enough yet for hill running, it makes me go wussy and start walking instead. I want to change that eventually though! If the weather's good enough I hope to use the running track on the ship in a couple of days (may run again before then); if not, I want to try running on a treadmill. I'm a bit worried that I might fly off if the speed gets too much for me and I can't adjust it fast enough.... but we're thinking of getting one when our finances are stronger, so its worth having a try to see how I get on!

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