Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Operation Rut-Buster

Top of my list of ruts to break out of is the food rut. Starting this week I want to get a move on at trying new recipes - I think it should easily be manageable to start with one main dish and one side dish a week. I've already picked a main dish - Tofu with oyster sauce from my favourite Chinese cookbook - The classic 1000 Chinese Recipes. I'm doubtful that many Chinese cooks would recognise the dishes as 'Classic' but the recipes are mostly flavourful and tasty (though I'll never forget a truly horrible recipe for Ginger Chicken) and don't use ingredients that are impossible to find in the UK. I've had the book since I was a teenager (the book, and my first Wok, were a present from my Dad when I went to university) and for a few year pre-diet I cooked a lot of recipes from it (making home made 'Chinese buffets' at least once a week) but that fell by the wayside when I started my diet and preferred to stick to tried and true diet recipes rather than try tweaking ethnic recipes to make them healthier. Even though I've been maintaining for a few months now I've failed to get back on the experimental train, but no more! So in addition to the tofu with oyster sauce I'm thinking about a side dish of Pumpkin with rice noodles (once I've worked out the calories). That might end up being replaced with something more simple, like Sauteed beansprouts or spinach with garlic if the calories are too high, in which case I'll do that another time as a main dish perhaps (it uses prawns as well as Pumpkin (I'll sub butternut squash for the pumpkin)), or to accompany a lower calorie main dish. It will be easier to experiment with new dishes while M is out of the equation as I get stupidly stressed about trying new stuff when I'm not the only one it's being inflicted on! I might even try to take some photographs of the experiments!

Update: Pumpkin with rice noodles has over 400 cals - so not a side dish!!! I'll use it for a veggie main dish some time, served with something light - spinach with garlic perhaps. Today I went for broccoli stir fry and spinach with garlic to accompany the tofu with oyster sauce. It was tasy, but I fancied something spicy and it wasn't, so that was a little disappointing. I followed it with a (slightly over-ripe) fresh fig

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