Thursday, 30 July 2009

Oh Canada

For years now M & I have been considering emigrating to Canada. I must admit that I'm the chief reason we haven't acted on it so far, mainly - no, entirely - down to fear of the unknown.Free Emoticons The weird thing is, when I was about 25 I spent 6 months living and working in Dallas, so I've kind of test driven the 'crossing the Atlantic' experience; we both love Canada and the Canadian people that we've met; and I know that if things don't work out its only an 8 hour plane flight home, yet I've been paralysed with fear on it for years. Another side to it is of course the distance from family, but they do understand why we want to do it, and would like the (almost) free holidays, so that isn't a showstopper either. But lately something weird has happened to me. We recently discussed this again, and I pointed out that with the economy in the state its in - not just here in the UK, but in Canada as well - it might be a really bad time to try to do this. We'd have to sell our house and buy over there - not easy at the best of times, let alone in this economy. We'd have to support ourselves until finding work, and like everyone with investments, our financial position isn't what it was; the rate of exchange is less favourable than it has been at other times we've considered this; plus I don't think Canadian companies would be too ready to offer jobs to British immigrants with no Canadian work history while Canadian IT staff are being shed. But even though its possibly the worst of times to do it, it suddenly feels like far more the right time for me to do it... Given that it can take years to go through the process maybe these things don't matter that much; after all, most 'experts' agree that by next year at the latest things will be pulling out of the current slump anyway. I'm still not jumping into anything, but its the most positive about this that I've felt for a while - maybe the time is finally right! I'm going to be thinking about this a lot while we're away; if I still feel the same way, I think I might be proposing that we take the first steps when we get home again.

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