Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Not much to say

My headache yesterday turned into a migraine in the night so I didn't make it to work today. Lots of sleep and loads of Midrid later, and I'm feeling much better - I took a walk this afternoon and the fresh air helped to blow away the cobwebs as well. Just wanted a little boast - I pigged out yesterday, yes, can't deny it... but still no sugar and no artificial sweeteners!!! In the past when I've tried to do this, I've caved very quickly, so now I'm on day 4 and even though I wanted lots of chocolate yesterday (still do to be honest) I haven't done it!!! Yay me!!! And double yay me because I didn't weight today either!!! I'm still finding this reeeally hard, as I have a tendency to act like I can eat whatever I want if I don't have to look at the consequences... this one may well go by the wayside after Saunday...
Today's food:
Potatoes, red & green peppers, onion and turkey rashers cooked in the slow cooker over night.
Greek Pasta salad, mixed salad and some nimble with laughing cow.

Lots of fruit! 2 flatbread crackers, 2 protein smoothies with various berries, an apple & a huuuuge bowl of cantaloupe.

Dinner: crockpot slow-roasted pork over noodles with a salad drizzled with Brianna's poppy seed dressing

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