Wednesday, 1 July 2009

No pain... no gain...?

Well, my kettle bells training yesterday hasn't left me aching and paining (much) so I guess either I'm stronger than I think (very unlikely) or I was even wussier with the time and/or weight than I thought I was. As I probably didn't work that hard yesterday (perhaps the sweat was down to the temperature in the room?) I might just break the rules and do them again this evening instead of waiting till tomorrow - maybe try to do 6 mins instead of 4 this time. And if I can, do one or two turkish get ups with the heavier weight before I switch to the sad girly baby weight. Definitely not ready to move up to the 12 kg weight though!
I don't believe there was no gain though, if only the fact that I felt so good about finally making myself do it after talking about it for ages. Why don't I ever remember how good it feels to do something new when I'm getting paranoid about the change? Perhaps I should try to remember that the next time I'm considering trying something new...

Food today:
All bran with strawberries and skim milk; summer fruit smoothie with plain whey, goji berries, skim milk and - for the first time - iced green tea replacing water.
Couldn't face building a salad for lunch last night so I cheated and bought a sandwich at Waitrose. I wanted houmous & mixed peppers on tomato chilli bread but they were sold out so I ended up with chicken & mango with lime mayonnaise on malted brown bread instead.
'Spanish chicken' - chicken in a tomato sauce flavoured with green peppers, thyme and garlic. It's another cheat - it was made with Chicken Tonight jarred sauce, I made it a while back when I wasn't in the mood to cook and froze the left overs till today. I'll serve it with steamed broccoli, cauliflower and butternut squash mash
WW Mango yoghurt; WW pineapple yoghurt; a portion of tinned peaches and a portion of tinned mandarins. Can you tell I was feeling really really lazy while making my lunch last night????

Weight: 140 lbs exactly (10 st) - a (tiny) step in the right direction

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