Sunday, 26 July 2009

Next week's food plan

Homemade veggie soup with chick peas & millet, served with spelt and sunflower seed bread
Panhackelty - a northern casserole made to use up left overs. I'll be layering slices of potato, carrot, swede, turnip and onion with healthy low fat bacon and low fat sausages. I'll just layer it all in the slow cooker, cover with a mixture of chicken and vegetable stock, and cook it all day
Rut-buster Wednesday! Another Chinese meal from my recipe book - lamb and vegetables with rice or noodles, don't know which yet
Vegetable chow mein from a Chinese takeaway to minimise mess adn avoid cooking ready to embark on my holiday on
Absolutely no idea, except it will be lovely, and probably very unhealthy!

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