Wednesday, 22 July 2009

I'm a binging fool

Another bad weigh in today - and its ALL my own fault!!!Free Emoticons 10st 1.5 lbs.(141.5 lbs). I know its undigested food weight as I reluctantly added everything I ate last night into my food diary on WLR and though I was 1000 cals over yesterday, I'm still under for the week. Just about. I'm not just annoyed at the eating sabotage either - after a really lousy rainy day the evening cleared up and was beautiful. I couldn't take the time for a long walk because I had too much housework to do (Mum & her OH are coming over today) but if I hadn't eaten and drunk so much I could have gone out for a 30 minute run - and I didn't because I would have thrown up if I'd tried. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!Free Emoticons
However on the plus side I won't be able to pig out tonight with my parents over, though we are having a Chinese takeaway, because I'm too embarrassed to be seen binging.
And I'm wearing my favourite (smallest) trousers today - they not only still fit but are still comfortable (and that's not true for a very wide weight range) so I know that once things get moving through my system I should still be maintaining rather than gaining! It is someone's birthday this week so I'll probably be having something cake / biscuit-like for that, but otherwise I plan to be good for the rest of the week and up the fibre (and water).
Food today:
All bran with strawberries; Green monster smoothie with kale, vanilla whey, soya milk and goji berries.
Thai chicken salad (leftovers) - surprisingly tasty. I was put off by the salad leaves looking a bit limp, but the whole thing was quite nice after sitting in the fridge a couple of days - next time I might mix the dressing, meat, and veg together in advance than add to the salad leaves at the last minute. (and leave out the noodles)
Chinese takeaway - I've already decided to go for a King Prawn Foo Yung (basically a big prawn omelette) and split some stir fried veggies with Mum.

Seeded spelt cracker, spelt muesli with fromage frais, apple.
Hmm, bit of a spelt theme there ;-)

I'm thinking of adding a weekend post giving my full week's plan for evening meals. If I do that it will be more clear when I change my mind, and if not sticking to the plan usually means I'm heading off a cliff into a vat of chocolate or if I still manage to make some healthy choices. I do plan my meals a week at a time on WLR so it wouldn't be a big change - but might possibly make me more accountable. Also I'm considering cancelling my membership of WLR to save money, in which case I'll need somewhere else to do my planning. I don't know how good an idea cancelling is, as clearly I'm not remotely as sane as I want to be - but then is membership of a site revolving around calorie counting adding to my obsession / binging pattern? Hmmm. (if I do cancel it will be after I lose the extra weight I'm going to gain on holiday.... and it may be very temporary if I find my weight creeping back up - as it will if I don't get my brain out of this intermittent binge tendency)

So, in the interests of the accountability thing:
Thursday: fresh red pepper and chilli pasta (Waitrose) with a mushroom & vegetable sauce using fromage frais.
Friday: Wild boar steaks with vegetables and new potatoes
Saturday: if the weather permits I plan to barbecue. That will be pork, basil and tomato sausage * 1, spicy beef kebab * 1, lamb shish kebab * 1, corn on the cob * 1 and a small salad to help all the animal protein go down!
If the weather doesn't permit I think it will be chilli con carne with buckwheat instead of rice and a side salad

My week starts on Sunday so I'll post on that at the weekend.

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