Monday, 6 July 2009

Garden Invasion

On Friday I went for a walk and when I got back M was in the garden - sunbathing and reading a book about weight training.He noticed something weird - a wasp flying up to the table holding a piece of leaf in its 'paws', disappearing up inside the parasol cover and then coming back out without the leaf. It happened two or three times so he carefully unzipped the cover while it was gone and then watched it disappear into the folds of the parasol... that made us suspicious so when it came back again we sprayed it with fly & wasp killer then opened up the parasol to discover not one but two partial wasp nests being built in there!!! How lucky where we that he spotted it - that's the first time he's ever gone outside to sit in the sun and read his book!!! Wouldn't fancy having a wasp's nest right outside our back door! It took ages to clean up the parasol after we finished off the wasp (I don't like killing things and neither does M (except in computer games) but there are limits to peaceful coexistence!!! Must remember to keep an eye on that in case any more wasps get ideas of colonization...

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