Thursday, 30 July 2009

The FSA wants to force manufacturers of chocolate bars to reduce sugar and fat and shrink the size of the bars. They've got 3 years to do it in, and the reductions in size aren't very big.
I must admit to being a bit pathetic here -I like this idea, especially the portion size reduction. To me, a bar = a portion - whether the bar in question is a normal sized milky bar (which I don't like btw) or a massive Toblerone, so having smaller bars is a good idea. I also think that if all the manufacturers started a gradual reduction in the amount of fat and sugar now, a smallish percentage a year, they wouldn't lose customers because every company would be doing the same thing and over time our taste buds would adjust to not even notice - or maybe prefer - the change. The only thing they don't explain is how they're going to stop people eating more than one bar at a time / in a day? They don't mention multi-packs and they aren't (thankfully!) going as far as to suggest that shops should restrict what people can buy in the way that its no longer legal to buy multiple packs of painkillers in one transaction. Speaking as a binger, I would have no problem going through more than one bar or pack in a day, and making the contents more healthy wouldn't alter my emotions at all - I'd still crave the comfort, still feel guilty about lacking control, still eat yet more because of that guilt.... Its amazing how organisations assume that they can control our behaviour just by telling us it isn't suitable and offering us a healthier choice - like we don't currently know that a smaller portion is better or a 'diet' chocolate may be lower in calories. Generally speaking I am awkward enough to want to eat 3 times as much chocolate as I otherwise would just because someone told me not to (I think this is the heart of my binging issues - I don't change my point of view even when I'm the one telling me what I can't do!) but in this one instance, depending on implementation, I might just go along with it. Or maybe I'll buy 14 small low fat, low sugar bars, melt them down and add 1/2 lb of butter and 1/2 lb of sugar then eat it with a spoon....

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