Friday, 10 July 2009

Eat Less, Live longer?

I know everyone's heard about the restricted calorie lifestyle and how it may increase your lifespan. As you may have gathered from my earlier post, its not a lifestyle I think I could stick with given my binging tendencies. Today's BBC website posts another story on the subject - rheseus monkeys live longer on a restricted calorie diet. I guess the study removes my theory that you don't really live longer, it just feels like it when you're permanently depriving yourself, as the study was based on monitoring the actual health of the monkeys not just asking them how they felt about life!
However, unless I'm much mistaken the monkey's diet was being controlled by the scientists not the monkeys themselves - so it doesn't answer my other question - is it really sustainable long term or would it be more likely to cause someone to go on a rampage in a Millie's Cookies stand until arrested (smeared with chocolate from head to toe - and not in a sexy way)? Anyhow, I think I proved to myself this week (again) that I couldn't live that way unless I too was locked up in a cage with no access to any food except what was being slipped through a hole in the door (and don't think I haven't considered suggesting that to my husband at times) so I guess I'll just have to live a shorter life (and work on the sanity issues) instead of benefiting from this study...

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