Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Early start today

I got up early this morning and after weighing in I went on the elliptical walker for 40 mins. I like training first thing, but as I leave for work about 5:45 am (my choice, so I can get out of work at 3pm and finish at lunchtime on Friday) I don't really have the time very often.
Food today:
All bran with strawberries and a smoothie. I forgot to put kale in the smoothie and I must admit I enjoyed it more - but that might also have been because I replaced some of the summer fruits with blueberries.
Another rut-buster! Thai beef salad, a mixture of raw carrot, courgette, red pepper and pan-fried rump steak with sesame & sunflower seeds in a dressing of peanut oil, lime juice, soy sauce and sweet chilli dipping sauce. I also added some rice vermicelli noodles for carbs as I didn't feel like my usual bread and laughing cow. I would have photographed it but serving it out of a tupperware box removed a lot of the appeal, so I'll wait and get a picture next time. I won't bother with the noodles next time - or I'll double up the dressing - because they were fairly bland and nowhere near as tasty as the rest of the salad. However I did make enough for 2 meals (except the second one is a thai chicken salad) so I'll use that up anyway... Ooops - a little mini-tub of vanilla ice-cream with chocolate chips and bits of nut. Not enough to break my calories but I wasn't planning it so that was naughty! but nice! and so was the fruit, nut and puffed rice bar half-coated in dark chocolate....
peanut butter from the jar, and the oven's on to cook some McCain's wedges too...
Also a new recipe - if you can call it that. Just a tin of tomatoes, a tin of chickpeas, some mixed bell peppers and onions that I mixed with harissa and stuck in the slow cooker to slowly turn into a hopefully tasty soup, to which I will add some courgette ribbons later. Unlike most of my rut-buster recipes this one didn't take far longer than expected to cook.... I have noticed that since starting to cook more interesting food my meals are later and there are more dirty pans to deal with!

Fromage frais with peaches and raspberries (yawn) plus a big slice of Galia melon (already eaten at 7:30 am) and a Dr Karg Seeded Spelt cracker. I'm trying to turn myself onto these instead of my beloved No No Hot & Spicy flatbreads - they're more fattening but I figure the seeds and the wholemeal spelt flour is probably healthier than the refined wheat flour in the No Nos. Though I've also had the No Nos and some bread sticks and some frozen grapes and banana... I've had a couple of glasses of Sauvignon Blanc (I don't generally drink as much as I have since starting this blog and now I've finished this bottle I'm going back to abstinence - it has a bad effect on my self-control. I'm still eating!!! and eating!!! ah well, tomorrow is another day.....
Didn't enjoy weighing in today - 10 st 2 oz (140 lbs)
I know why - lets just say my morning bathroom visit was unproductive and leave it at that. Plus I got a bit nibbly after dinner, nothing too bad, and ended up having some muesli and fromage frais for supper. I was still under maintenance calories + exercise calories but my stomach was fuller than usual and I'm still lugging a fair bit of it around! This is one of the reasons why I rarely eat supper...

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