Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Coming out...

....No, not like that!
When I started this blog I didn't tell anybody about it - not even my husband. I wanted to spend a while writing it, see if I stuck to it, see if I enjoyed it, before letting anyone actually READ it - if I'd given up on it instantly that would have felt like promising something I couldn't deliver otherwise. Well, I've stuck with it pretty well I think, given that its been a series of self-obsessed whinging posts sent off into a black hole without feedback or interaction of any kind. So now I'm going to start owning up to it - just a little bit. Not to anyone I actually know in the real world, but when I post on someone else's blog, I'll add a link. See if anyone follows it. If not - or if you do, and you hate it - I'll keep going for as long as it suits me. Even if I'm the only one here. And if you do, who knows, maybe I'll actually get to be part of the community eventually!
So Hi!
My name is Chris, and I'm a blogger!!!

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