Thursday, 30 July 2009

Coffee and Rainbows

Well, after yesterday's binge day I'm feeling remarkably good today. Fairly cheerful given that for the third day running I was awake before 3:30 am; remarkably cheerful given that I binged yesterday. Maybe I just feel positive because I thought about my diet (small 'd') yesterday and came up with a new (hopefully sustainable) plan for the future that reduced the guilt; maybe the 2 mugs of coffee this morning helped; maybe the 2 rainbows I saw as I drove through the driving (hah!) rain this morning put a bit of colour in my mood as well!Free Emoticons
I didn't weigh this morning, I don't think I would feel at all perky if I had. I considered training this morning to burn off some of the ice-cream, but I was tired (pre-coffee) so I opted to rest instead. Right decision I think - even though I won't have time tonight either.
Food today:
All bran & strawberries plus a bigger than usual smoothie with fromage frais as well as soya milk and whey protein - it was delicious, and creamy, but I forgot to adjust the water to take into account the fromage frais so it was more of a soup like texture.
Home-made soup and a Waitrose sandwich (french brie and grape with damson chutney - looking forward to it!)
Chinese takeaway - planning to have vegetable chow mein, my current favourite from the takeaway we use
2nd half of yesterday's binge-muffin, big tub of water melon (still ploughing through it!) and some cherry tomatoes and home-grown (by my Mum's OH) cucumber to nibble on as they won't last through the holiday.

Another change to my binging habits - normally I'd try to be really restrictive today but that I think just feeds into the next binge-cycle so I'm going to ease up a bit. Quite a bit actually - the sandwich at lunchtime has way more calories than I'd usually have for lunch! (I removed a slice of mayonnaise-smothered bread though - probably saved over 100 calories there. And it wasn't great - why on earth put mayonnaise in a cheesy sandwich??? for me, cheese and mayonnaise DO NOT mix!!! Free Emoticons) I am feeling slightly odd today - my habits are telling me to keep eating, but I'm feeling kind of stuffed still so I don't really want to. At the same time, on the day after binging I typically get a 'food hangover' and need the equivalent 'hair of the dog' so I don't want to wait until I get hungry and then turn a one day binge into a two day binge...

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