Sunday, 12 July 2009

A Beautiful Sunday

Its a lovely day now, although this morning it was damp and grey. I still managed to walk into town for a little shopping though. There was a triathlon happening in the area, and the cycle route went past the end of the road, so I got to see quite a few competitors along the walk. I must admit I like the idea that someday maybe I could do a triathlon, but I'm held back from trying by being completely awful at swimming - the running I couldn't do either now, but I could picture that changing; likewise I'm sure I could handle the cycling with a bit of training, but the swimming is different. I can just about manage a very poor front crawl - without the proper breathing - and don't know any other strokes at all. Because I am very short sighted without my glasses I feel disorientated and anxious in the water as well. I keep thinking I should have swimming lessons, but then I keep putting it off - like a lot of my fitness aspirations. Ah well, maybe some day...
I also baked some bran muffins today, using coconut oil for the first time. They seem to have turned out quite well but we'll see.
Oat & Wheat bran cooked in water, thickened with banana, whey protein and soya milk.
Home-made vegetable soup, rye bread with laughing cow cheese, made into open-faced sandwiches with chicken (roasted in a peanut-butter yoghurt marinade), tomatoes and cucumber.
Chicken roast dinner with dry-roasted potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower and steamed peas.
Popcorn (air popped), summer fruit protein shake, and too many raisins and Dormen's Spicy nut and satay bean mix - oops.
Weight: 9st 12 lbs 6 oz (138.4 lbs)

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