Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Bad day

:-( bad day already by 6:30 am... I've just been told that I'm expected to spend half the morning tomorrow babysitting a work experience student... I'm not a mother because I don't like children - and even people who do like children don't like teenagers... and even people who don't mind some teenagers don't like teenage boys. So I get to spend a few hours with a teenage boy explaining the joys of testing. He'll be bored rigid in under 5 minutes - and who can blame him? It bores me rigid and I'm supposed to make it appeal to this kid???? Aaaarrrgghh. I've done this before and hoped never to have to do it again, but now my boss has decided I'm his work experience 'go to girl'. Lucky me....
I'm feeling thoroughly pi**ed off now and I don't know why.... I do actually want to binge today but I don't know on what... I hate days like this, I just don't know what to do with myself. I wish I knew how to box, hitting something really hard might actually help right now. If only Body Combat classes had found their way to this corner of Wales...!!!
Food today:
All bran with strawberries and soya milk. I was going to have a smoothie, but I felt like a fruit salad instead so that's what I did. A lovely bowl of Galia melon, strawberries, raspberries, a fig, blackberries and fromage frais topped with cracked linseeds. And it was yummy - even though I planned to add a banana & some blueberries and forgot!

Salad with feta cheese and soya beans with a tiny drizzle of Cardini's low fat caesar salad dressing
Egg white frittata filled with tuna and onions and a big salad was what I planned.... But I was in such a foul; mood that I couldn't do! So, to Waitrose to buy a feast - Thai fish cakes, red curry & jasmine rice plus a bag of salted cashews and a small bar of Green & Blacks dark chocolate (to melt and coat the cashews). It was good, but like most disgusting over the top binges, not as good as I'd hoped - and now I'm stuffed.

Fromage frais with peaches. Work canteen's version of a cherry fruit corner - plain yoghurt with cherry sauce swirled through it. Lots of fruit today! and WW toast * 2 slices
dread to think what tomorrow will be like - after going 1700 cals over on food and drinking the best part of a bottle of Chardonnay as well!!!
Weight 9 st 13 lbs (139 lbs)

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