Wednesday, 17 June 2009


No work today because of a stomach problem for several days that finally forced me to the pharmacy for some kaolin and morphine.Only one dose later and I felt great as it not only cured the immediate problem, but also soothed my stomach pains, relieved a very uncomfortable bloated feeling that had lasted all day Monday, and gave me my appetite back (with a vengeance) I'd had to force down a couple of slices of toast for breakfast because I was feeling light-headed and washed out, and just had a small turkey sandwich for lunch, but by mid-afternoon I was scavenging...

My husband, M, put in a request for a barbecue instead of my planned lower cal dinner, and I gave in. I grilled diced lamb, bell peppers, red onion & mushrooms on skewers, along with some lamb and mint sausages and chilli beef burgers. And some corn! One small sausage, 1 burger (in a roll), one head of corn and 2 skewers later I was very full but very happy - it was lovely! It was a beautiful day, very bright and sunny, so barbecuing was fun too. M lights the fire for me (its a charcoal barbecue) and he enjoyed going caveman and playing with fire - so cute!

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