Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Todays food

All Bran with strawberries & soya milk
Green monster smoothie

Egg sandwich
oops.... profiteroles with chocolate sauce to follow. I'm pretty sure after my digestive problems this week I could spare the calories! They were yummy but a bit sickly by the end, I didn't finish them but it might've been better to stop sooner. Ah well, I enjoyed them!

Hoisin baked Tofu with stir fried veg (I cheated and used a bought stir fry pack). Not a big fan of baked tofu - or maybe I'm just not very good at it!

Snacks:Plain yoghurt with raspberries, plain yoghurt with peaches, ryvita goodness bar, apple

All my life, I've had a dream of being a writer - a novelist. Unfortunately I don't so far have the discipline to even find out if I have any talent, and I guess I don't really believe in myself enough to try. When picking my A-level subjects at school, I wanted to study History and English Lit, but didn't really see much chance of that leading to a viable career (I never have liked the idea of teaching) so instead I took Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics, and decided to go into Medical Research. I did study Biology at University, and got a good degree, but by the time I graduated I knew that I was not cut out for the tedium and frustration of research, so instead I took a further degree - a Masters in Computer Science, which led directly to my current career as an IT consultant. The irony is that 2 of my friends while studying Computer Science had degrees in History and English respectively, so I could have ended up in the same place, having enjoyed the journey much more. Sadly, the place I've ended up is one that I don't like one bit. I find testing incredibly tedious and I find the office lifestyle too constraining. However, working as a freelance consultant is very well paid, and I have no clear career path that I think I would like to follow - least of all one that could offer a similar standard of living, so I keep plodding along hoping for a lottery win that could free me to find a happier place... (I don't actually enter the lottery that often, so that's an even more passive approach than it sounds...) I'm attracted theoretically to the idea of working in food and nutrition, and I'd still like to write, but so far I feel paralysed by indecision - and the fear that whatever I try next will prove as unsatisfactory to me as my current working life. Instead of fixing things, therefore, I complain a lot. And I do mean a lot. Even I'm getting bored of hearing how bored I am...

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