Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Thoughts about life after (my) weight loss

Things I like about being slim:

1) My thighs don't rub together when I walk
2) I don't feel like an overstuffed sausage when I wear a pencil skirt
3) I like looking at my stomach in the mirror - with no clothes on!
4) I don't feel like a hot summery day will kill me - even in the Caribbean
5) I feel less elephantine walking down the corridor
6) Not struggling to find nice clothes in a big enough size
7) Finding it easier to squeeze through and over narrow stiles on walks
8) (Sometimes) enjoying shopping for more interesting / fun clothes that I wouldn't have worn before to avoid looking silly / drawing attention to myself
9) Losing my double chin
10) Gaining cheekbones, hip bones & collar bones
11) My legs!

Things I don't like so much:
1) Obsessing with guilt whenever I eat outside my plan - and feeling disgruntled about expecting to eat more or less this way for ever now
2) Having trouble finding nice clothes in a small enough size... (but even though the result is the same, that feels better than 6) above) and indeed not being sure what my size really is anymore
3) Feeling the cold much more - clear, cold winter days used to be my favorite kind, but now I'm much less comfortable and my hands and feet often feel cold
4) Feeling more insecure about my body a lot of the time - having lost my ability to go into denial about the things I'm not happy with (my bum, my arms...)

Hmm, there are fewer things in the second list but in a way some of them seem bigger and harder to deal with....

Food for today:
normal breakfast - all bran with soya milk and strawberries, summer fruit and spinach protein shake.

Bored with salad so I went with a weight watcher's wrap filled with salad leaves, grated carrot, peppers and houmous. Not sure how filling that will be, but if it works I'll do something similar tomorrow

Using up a Weight watcher's pizza with home made baked sweet potato fries and salad

Natural low fat fromage frais with raspberries and peaches; ryvita goodness bar; some seafood sticks (I know they don't resemble any known fish but I like them!!!) and a small portion of roast turkey - got to get the protein up.

Weight this morning: 138.5 lbs (9st 12.5)

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