Friday, 19 June 2009


Busy time today - for M! We've just had tons of gravel and slate delivered to go on the flower beds in our garden. Lots and lots of bags... all needing to be loaded into a wheel barrow, then shifted to the beds and spread on all visible soil. I'm not sure how it'll look, but at least it should mean no weeding is necessary for a while - especially with the help of a layer of weed suppressing sheeting underneath the slate. Sounds like quite a work out, I doubt if I'll feel like doing much tomorrow. Before that I'm going shopping - a new Waitrose just opened in the town near me, and I want to go look for some exciting new products to buy. and some wine for a little anaesthetic this evening! Hopefully there'll be plenty to experiment with! I'll also be buying some eggs - the pet shop sells huge free range eggs at half supermarket prices so I get at least half a dozen every week, more if I'm baking.
Food today:
All bran with soya milk & strawberries & Summer fruit smoothie with a tiny bit of spinach & soya milk plus plain whey protein
Sunflower and honey roll stuffed with roast turkey
Feeling lazy today, so sushi (Waitrose) and Covent Garden Minestrone Verde soup. I'll be making a mixed grill for M to rebuild his strength after all that slate and gravel hauling!
My usual yoghurt and fruit snacks, plus a ryvita goodness bar (mixed berry flavour) was the plan....The test team just got given a chocolate cake as thanks for something or other so I had a tiny slice (to much verbal abuse from the guys on the team). It was lovely but I couldn't have eaten more - I don't have that high a tolerance for chocolate cake, especially at 9:30 am (which is just as well given my binging tendencies) Its nearly 11:30 and they're still making jokes about my portion size... And I accidentally ate rather a lot of rice crackers from Waitrose as well... how did that happen???

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