Monday, 29 June 2009

So so tired

Not a good start to the day...
I have a feeling today is not going to be a good day. I've been up since 3:15 this morning so I feel like the day should be a lot further along than it actually is. I woke up around 10 to 3 because of the heat, and just couldn't get back to sleep, so instead I got up for a while 'to tire myself out' and never made it back to bed. I think I'll be taking my caffeine intravenously by lunchtime.... and my weigh in didn't help. I'm choosing to believe it was mainly down to water retention from the sushi and to compensate for dehydration on my mammoth walk in the morning. Plus although I was nowhere near eating the calories I burned on my walk, I did still eat more food than usual so I guess that's weighing me down as well - should be better tomorrow.
It'll be a miracle if I have the energy for training after work today.
Speaking of training, haven't used my kettle bells again yet... so much for good intentions! Tonight isn't very likely, I think at most I'll be up to a walk, and very possibly not even that.
Countdown to my holiday - 4 weeks to go! That means I have 4 weeks to try to get some running done so I can use the treadmills on the ship. Don't want to make myself ache too much while I'm on holiday!

As usual, summer fruit smoothie with spinach and soya milk, and All bran with strawberries.

A big salad with mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, red & yellow peppers and hard English goat's cheese for protein. Also bread and laughing cow light.

Stir fry with teriyaki tofu. I froze the tofu to firm it up and I'll be marinating it in a bought teriyaki sauce for an hour or so after I press it. The rest of the stir fry is a cheat as well - every Monday I tend to use a bought stir fry pack as I can't be bothered with all the chopping to do it myself. I am getting bored with this though, so I may have to dig my Chinese recipe book out and start doing some REAL cooking - once I've tweaked to reduce the oil and sugar dramatically.

Natural low fat fromage frais with raspberries and blueberries, I bought an apple tart - but the pastry was rubbish so I only ate the apple - and a packet of snack a jacks rice cakes (I think that's quite good for a day after almost no sleep). Also a few chewy sweets brought in by someone who just got back from his holiday :-(. I needed the sugar. 'Nuff said.

Weight: 140.125 lbs (10 st 2 oz)

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