Sunday, 28 June 2009


So, no post yesterday...
Basically I had a busyish morning including a walk, found myself picking at food all day long (healthy stuff like flatbread crackers and rice crackers, frozen grapes and frozen slices of banana (in unhealthy amounts) and peanut butter - straight from the jar, at least it was no added sugar) so I was too embarrassed to post.
Gorgeous barbecue for dinner - pork & venison sausge, Tesco meat free burger, chicken on a skewer and mixed peppers, courgette and mushroom also skewered. Oh yes, and corn on the cob, boiled first then reheated on the BBQ. It was yummy, and pretty healthy, but too much meat I think, so I felt a bit stuffed (or was that the crackers I ate while perparing it? hmm) and ended up spending the evening just vegging in a cooool bath!

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