Monday, 22 June 2009

Mission Impossible?

I've just ordered a huge amount of 'alternative meats' - things like kangaroo, ostrich, goat and impala - and then realised I have hardly any room in my freezer. So my new mission is to use up as much as possible in a short time and otherwise reorganise the freezer so the remaining food takes up less space. Should be possible to make quite a space saving just by consolidating multiple bags of chicken portions and frozen loaves of bread, but I will have to quickly eat some stuff too. The problem is at the moment I want salads and stir fries all the time, which doesn't tend to use up much in the freezer! Tonight I'm having a stir fry with quorn 'chicken' from the freezer. M is having chicken in some form, but I haven't entirely decided what yet. Hopefully it will use up a few bits at least.

Todays food:

The usual all bran with soya milk and strawberries, plus a summer fruit protein shake made with more soya milk.

A salad with feta cheese, Waitrose Adzuki & Edamame bean salad, mixed leaves, tomatoes, cucumber and spring onions. Also a couple of slices of Nimble bread with a Laughing Cow Light triangle.

WOW! I tried the bean salad yesterday and thought it was kind of bland and disappointing - not bad enough to throw away, but now good enough to buy again. Now I realise what was missing - feta cheese! the saltiness of the cheese makes the whole thing come to life! Happier with my lunch than I expected to be!

Natural bio-yoghurt with raspberries and peaches, and I'm fighting the urge for another sliver of the chocolate cake from Friday. I'm telling myself it will be dried out by now.... the work canteen is helping me in my battle against unhealthy eating - the dessert of the day is deep fried banana with chocolate sauce, I don't even want to think about it much less eat it!
Sadly I fell off the wagon after typing the above - a packet of crisps, a crunchie and a couple of bite sized cake bits later I'm feeling suddenly motivated to go for a big walk after work to burn off some calories. Not much of a binge by the standards of last year though!!! only 165 calories above maintenance cals, I can easily work them off.

And I did, with a 5 mile walk carrying a heavy back pack

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