Tuesday, 23 June 2009

In a rut

I'm feeling in a rut right now. I cook much the same food all the time, walk the same walks, spend my evening watching TV - the same shows, mostly - while reading blogs. Work is definitely always the same, I wear the same clothes... major rut. I think its time to work out something new I can try to shake up some aspects of my life.
This one should be easy, all I need to do is look online or read one of my millions of cook books and pick some new recipes, even perhaps a new theme for this week's food. Or maybe, maybe branch out and try not diarising every single mouthful of food I eat to see if relaxing and doing things more on the fly might make things more interesting - this one's more scary to me as I'm afraid of gaining weight, but maybe facing that fear's a good thing
Don't really want to spend money on new clothes right now. I could go through my wardrobe and see if there are clothes that I've forgotten about that I could wear - its a bit awkward though as I'm working in an office and need to dress professionally, which limits me to a subset of my wardrobe. I suppose I could look for sale items online...
Well, that defines being in a rut, and there's really not much I can do about it. As a contractor I don't have the right to ask for training or a change in what I do for career development - I am a hired gun whose only value lies in doing what I already know how do - namely testing. I don't think I can do anything to make this more interesting, but as my contract is currently up at the end of July and I haven't heard anything about an extension yet it may not matter for very long. The job market is dreadful at the moment so I could be looking at some serious time off.
I think I'll get an ordnance survey map for my area so I can plan some new walks. I'm not sure how much scope there is to really make many changes, but there might be some interesting destinations I don't know about.At the same time, I think its time to cut back on the 'if I can't walk I'll do nothing' mindset I've been in. I love to walk in the fresh air, I enjoy stopping to say hello to the neighbour's dog, and the horses in the farm up the road, love watching rabbits scatter all over the fields when anyone goes near them and looking at the swans on the pond at Caldicot Castle with their cygnets. But I know there are more effective forms of exercise I could be doing, and others that will help me feel less stressed and bored with myself, so I should try them. I've got a yoga dvd and a yogalates dvd with a resistance band, so that might be a good start. I've also got a set of kettle bells I've used exactly twice - and I don't currently do any resistance training, so I should get them out, especially as they work you so hard that its impossible to do them for very long, so it shouldn't be boring.
And they're very good for toning the arms and core, which are areas I want to build my strength in.Also need to get my finger out about the running program. I've wanted to do this for so long, and I'm the only one getting in the way of it. My holiday is about 5 weeks away and I want to be able to add running to my usual gym training on this holiday. I've got a HUGE blister at the moment so I'll wait for that to get sorted and then I'm going for it!

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