Friday, 26 June 2009

Having a bad day...

I'm bored out of my skull today, which is as always leading me to think about food, and particularly about unhealthy food. I've eaten my lunch and had the equivalent of an extra breakfast - 2 slices of toast - that wasn't in my food plan today. Now I'm hoping that typing drivel into this will help me avoid heading for the vending machine.... I'm not even kidding myself that I'd hungry, because if anything I'm a little bit stuffed - as you would expect me to be, having eaten everything I planned to eat for lunch and the day's snacks by 10 in the morning, plus toast. But I want to eat more stuff. Actually right now I feel like the kind of binge I've never done - fast food, chocolate, crisps... (the only bit of that I haven't done before is the fast food, I'm more inclined to go to the supermarket than the chippy in this kind of mood.) I feel like eating thousands of excess calories and the only reason I can pin down is that I'm knackered after waking up at 2:30 this morning and spending the rest of the night tossing and turning. I always struggle to sleep well, and it often makes me want unhealthy food. The problem is that today I'm adding extreme boredom into the mix, and I'm feeling a little bit out of control. A few months ago I introduced a rule for days like this where I take very little / no money into work so I can't buy loads of garbage to eat. I can get more money, but to do that I have to go outside in the rain and swipe my card on the electronic gates to record my departure and return. There have been times I've done that - usually because I want a dessert from the canteen - but so far today I'm resisting it. But I do have enough cash on me for a packet of salt and vinegar crisps or a twix - my favourite cheap and cheerful chocolate bar. Must resist....Resistance is futile... Must resist....We'll see. At least I'm trying not to! And thanks to this blog diary, I've staved things off for at least 15 minutes while grizzling on here about it, so that helps!

Apparently its finally raining at my house so maybe I won't need to water the lawn tonight to activate the weed killer on it. This must be the first day I've EVER in my life hoped for rain and thought I might be disappointed (certainly the first day since I moved to Wales). Now I can get on with hoping it stops by lunchtime - I'm finishing work at 12 today, and I'd like to go for a walk afterwards. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Green smoothie, All bran with strawberries & soya milk

WW wrap with a little roast beef, dijon mustard, salad leaves & peppers. And its 9:45 am and I've already eaten it!!! And it wasn't very good, the wraps I've had all week were much better.

Egg white omelette with tuna, peppers and sweetcorn, with a big salad

Natural yoghurt with blueberries and raspberries2 slices wholemeal toast (and very possibly some kind of chocolate bar or a packet of crisps - I'm in one of those moods.....)

Weight this morning 138.25 lb (9st 12lbs 4oz)

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