Sunday, 28 June 2009

Great walk today

Got up this morning planning to walk to a recycling bin with some glass recycling (I like to load up my rucksack on walks) then coming back alternate between jogging and walking. When I got to the end of my road I realised it was quite foggy, and as I have to walk on the road (no pavements) for my 2 favourite walks, I was down to one choice - walking alogside the A48 woo hoo. This is the least interesting walk I do, though there are some nice panoramic views a few miles down the road.
So I headed off into the fog, it was pleasantly cool at about 7:30 am. An hour or so later the fog cleared and the sun came out... the recycling bin was further than I expected, so it took an hour and a half to get there, by which time it was too hot and I was too tired for much jogging, in fact I only managed a couple of short bursts and walked the rest. I still needed a shower as soon as I got home though! I walked 11.33 miles according to, and got back starving!

Food today:

All bran, strawberries & soya milk
Protein bar
Vegetable and bean soup (home made - and not very good sadly) with german rye bread & a laughing cow; a few pieces of sushi from a box I bought for M.

Summer fruit smoothie
Innocent veg pot - thai coconut veg - with extra veg (broccoli and cauliflower)

I baked some bran muffins this afternoon for M. The original recipe uses raisins but I substitued banana for most of the muffins. they smell great but are a little sweet for me

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