Monday, 15 June 2009

Feeling positive

Reasons to be cheerful:
The sun is shining and its looking like a pretty day
I have a nice garden without effort since we got a gardener to help keep it pretty.
I saw some cute rabbits on my way to work today.
My diet seems more back on track and right now I'm not even interested in eating unhealthy foods.
I've quit drinking for a while, and feel healthier for it.
I have a job - it may be boring, but its well paid too, convenient, pretty easy and the people are OK

I've decided to start recording my food on here. Just as a text diary for now, but I may start adding photographs if my broadband speeds up enough to let me upload them properly.

The plan:

Breakfast:All bran with peaches and soya milk
Mug of coffee
Smoothie made with berries, whey protein, soya milk, a few goji berries and a couple of handful of spinach. I want to get some chia seeds to thicken my smoothies with - I find them more fun to eat with a spoon rather than drinking them, but have trouble making them thick enough to be worth it. I've only found a couple of websites that sell chia seeds in this country, they haven't been approved for eating in the UK yet, so I haven't tried them, but I think I'll order some this week and give them a try. Maybe in the meantime I should grind some flax seeds and see if they help as well.

Lunch:Big salad of mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber & spring (salad) onions with a tin of WW tuna and sweetcorn in mayonnaise, served with 2 slices wholemeal bread and a laughing cow light triangle. I need to work on making my salads more interesting...

Dinner:Tesco crustless quiche lorraine with salad and new potatoes.

ooops, 2 meals with processed foods today, 3 counting the cereal. That's unheard of usually. I love to cook but get in a rut with the foods I do cook, so I think I'll have to start working through some websites and cookbooks to get some new ideas.

Weigh in this morning: 138 lbs 6 oz (9 stone 12 lbs 6 oz)

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