Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Its a beautiful sunny day and I'd rather be outside! But its still nice to look out the window at blue skies and sunshine, especially when you live in Wales and don't have many opportunities to do so!
The garden is finally finished, and looks quite good if a little bit severe in places.

Very little to say today.

All bran, strawberries, Green monster smoothie.

WW wrap with houmous, goats cheese, salad & some leftover baked sweet potato from yesterday.

M insists he wants KFC for dinner tonight so I'm going to try a zinger salad (no dressing) as a defensive move. I looked up the nutritional info on their web site and that looks OK to me (although I've always liked the fillet burgers so we'll see how my self control holds up)

UPDATE: They didn't have any salads so I made a chicken fried rice instead- probably much healthier!

Fruit with natural low fat fromage frais

Weigh in this morning: 138.6 lbs (9 st 12 lbs 6 oz)

I managed to do 40 mins on the elliptical walker yesterday, doubt if I'll have time for any training today

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