Thursday, 18 June 2009


Last night we got a phone call from our credit card company checking some unusual transactions that had been charged to our card. Someone had charged hotel accomodation and membership in an online dating service on our card! So angry, now we have to mess about getting new cards and the crook in question isn't even going to get anything out of it as the transactions were picked up and challenged on the same day.

We don't know how the card details were acquired, and I guess we're never likely to find out. I must admit I'm grateful to the credit card supplier for being on the ball. In the past we've had legitimate charges queried and found that a bit annoying but I guess this demonstrates the value of the service, so thanks guys!

Todays food:

BreakfastAll bran with strawberries and soya milkProtein shake with frozen summer berries, whey protein, spinach and goji berries

LunchEgg salad sandwich(I don't usually have sandwiches for lunch as I'm a volume eater and prefer a massive plate of salad, but I'm still easing back into real food and watching my fibre levels)

DinnerTofu & veg curry made with a Sharwoods jar sauce - I'm too wimpy to make my own curry sauces as I don't really have a clue about the spices. I do have some Indian cookbooks so I'll have to start looking for some simple recipes to try. The sauce is a new one - Pineapple and Coconut - milder than most I use but I fancied something sweetish. It's also violently yellow in colour so that should be exciting! Actually it wasn't all that exciting, but very tasty in a sweet stew kind of way.

Snacks natural bio-yoghurt with raspberries, natural bio-yoghurt with peaches, Nature Valley Crunchy granola bar (canadian maple syrup flavour)

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