Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Better today

Thanks Diane and Joy for your comments on yesterday's post - you're very right and I have done my best at moving on today. No long walk and no bingeing. Someone at work brought cake in today and I wasn't even tempted!
I have decided to keep my food diary on myfitnesspal instead of here though since I'm inhibited from posting if I don't want to 'fess up to being a bad girl! See, this is why I've never joined a slimming club, I know that if I had a bad week I'd just stop going to avoid the weigh in!
Weatherwise this was a dreary, grey, wet day. But also muggy and just a bit too warm for my waterproof jacket. No temptation to walk AT ALL and that may have helped with the not bingeing as I didn't want to go out and therefore couldn't shop. 
I stuck exactly to my planned eating today and feel good. Quite possibly largely because I owned up and because that helped me get some support. Must remember that next time... As there will no doubt be a next time...

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Small confession

You might have noticed I didn't list my food yesterday - or over the weekend. This is because on Saturday I had some booze and then binged on chocolate and gluten and all things sugar. Then yesterday I binged on protein bars?!?!?
I think Saturday it happened because I didn't increase my calories on Friday or during the day on Saturday to reflect all the work I was doing. And yesterday for the first time in months I walked to and from the train station as well as through Cardiff to and from the office - a total of 5 miles - and again tried to do it on the same calories. Plus being too hungry by dinner time because I got home later due to the time taken to walk home instead of driving. It took me until this morning to realize that was probably the reason rather than just general wimpiness and inadequacy. Since today I did something about that by eating more calories earlier in the day (I did  the increased walking again today you see)
But... Even with that cunning plan I'm still not talking about my food today 

Monday, 26 June 2017

Big catch up

Last week - Wednesday and Thursday - I was feeling a bit crappy and run down and just didn't feel like doing anything - or posting about not doing anything. 
Friday was a different matter. I booked the day as annual leave so I could take delivery of 4 tonnes of flint aggregate to destroy our lawns with. And having taken delivery, I spent about 4-5 hours shifting the flint and spreading it out over weed suppressing sheets over the back lawn. I stopped roughly an hour after I started wishing I was dead, fell into a bath for an hour and then fell into bed straight after dinner. No way on earth I could have found the strength to post, I barely remembered my own name!
There was a bit more on Saturday but we'd underordered the aggregate and we're running short, so it wasn't nearly as horrendous a day. There was even more again on Sunday but a much shorter day again before there was no point doing any more. We have another massive bag arriving on Wednesday that will allow us to finish off at the weekend.
From Friday till now I've been aching like the unfit lump I have become and it will probably wear off just in time to start again. All I can do is convince myself it will be worth it when I don't have to mow any more...

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Hot hot hot

OK, I'm ready for things to cool down a bit thanks very much.
Travelling home on the train today was extremely unpleasant - particularly given that the train kept stopping for interminable periods at the various train stations along the line. OK we actually arrived about 7 minutes late so not really interminable but it certainly felt like it at the time...
By comparison the temperature in the office was wonderful as the air conditioning is pretty good on our floor. But it was 29 degrees by the time I left work and I would have been happier if it had been maybe 8 degrees cooler. Luckily that's supposed to happen by Friday!

Food today 
Breakfast : zero carb pancakes spread with Aldi soft cheese with smoked salmon and dill
Lunch : chicken leg with vegetables 
Dinner : bacon, leek and mushroom scrambled eggs with green salad 

Monday, 19 June 2017


I guess summer finally got here... Sweltering is the only word for this weekend. And today was even hotter.
My father in law spent this weekend building us a deck in the front garden - his idea. I was really worried about him - it's in a corner that is basically a sun trap all day long - and according to an ornamental ceramic thermometer I have out there it was about 105 out there. I spent the weekend in and out taking him bottled water from the fridge and asking him to come in to cool off. In the process despite factor 50 sun cream on his face and factor 30 everywhere else he got sunburned in the places he missed. It isn't finished but we're hoping it cools off a bit in a few days so he can work on it some more without taking his life in his hands.
On Saturday morning I walked into town to test my foot (still plantar fasciitisy) and I felt pretty damn rough by the time I got home - and for the rest of the weekend -with the heat. I did however sleep better than I managed last week.
Today I was quite happy to be at work with the air conditioning, although my day was frustratingly bitty. Travelling on the train wasn't the most fun I've ever had,and when I got home I had to mow the lawn. See if you can guess who forgot the sun cream despite all the moaning about the heat...? I wasn't out long enough to burn badly but I did pick up what I try to call a healthy glow... Must remember that tomorrow...

Food today 
Breakfast : hard boiled eggs and ham mayo 
Lunch : roast chicken leg with vegetables and Caesar salad dressing 
Dinner : roasted chicken wings and Brussel sprouts 
Snacks : tiny bag of pork scratchings 

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Still not sleeping brilliantly

I think it's simply because it's so light in the mornings. To block the light out I'm wearing an eye mask but it shifts while I'm sleeping and that's enough to disrupt my sleep. Especially if it shifts enough for the plastic piece you use to adjust the fit to dig into my ear. I'm sleeping more restlessly - I used to wake up in virtually the same position as I fell asleep, now I wake up with my bedclothes wrapped three times round me. I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually.... Right?
The project I've worked on most of the time since starting my job went live today - and so far went very smoothly, for which we all have been getting lots of positive feedback, which is really nice for us. Today we were brought celebratory Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Once again I held my atkins position and turned them down. They felt smug for a while, which was also really nice for me.
Add to that the fact that I made some good progress on the training that I'm doing and I had a pretty good day really, although as is the way of testing I did have some very frustrating times as well. Not boring though!

Food today 
Breakfast : naked boring hard boiled eggs 
Lunch : ham and vegetables
Dinner : homemade beef burger with broccoli 
Snacks : cheese of course 

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Still knackered

I fell asleep in about 3 minutes flat last night but woke up early again. Around 3am. So frustrating! I sat in on a demo this afternoon and my struggle to stay awake was epic, even though the demo wasn't particularly boring. I made the mistake of sitting on a window seat, the sun came out and warmed my back and... zzzzzzzzzzzzz
The morning I spent not achieving much, and the afternoon was a mixture of frustration and boredom. The honeymoon is definitely over... but its still not a bad place to work.
now I need to try to sleep again....

Food today 
Breakfast : hard boiled egg and bacon mayo (forgot to mention I made homemade mayonnaise at the weekend)
Lunch : tuna mayo (I like homemade mayo, can you tell?) with mixed veggies 
Dinner : tofu, mushroom and spinach stir fry 
Snacks : cheese of course