Thursday, 25 August 2016


I don't know about you, but I found yesterday horrible. The BBC said the top temp was due to be 28 but I have absolutely no doubt it was hotter than that. It didn't stop us being out and about but both my brother and I suffered the consequences a bit later on.
In the morning we walked to Ascot and around the High Street a bit- about 4 or 5 miles I think. It was all alongside a busyish A road so we waited till just after the rush hour to start off, mainly because he slept badly during the night and then slept in. I think it would have been better to start out before the rush hour, and if I do it again I'll probably leave around 7, then if necessary camp out in a coffee shop till other shops start to open. Because we were so hot we took a train most of the way home then popped into a Tesco for some lunch makings (I had sushi for the first time in ages and enjoyed the change)
In the afternoon we went into town so he could treat himself to an ipod shuffle, and then collapsed at home watching 8 out of 10 cats does Countdown reruns until we cooled off a bit. That's when my brother got a bit sick and had to drink some salty water to rehydrate. I realised that I'd forgotten something when at Tesco earlier and went back out, leaving him lying down in front of a fan, and that was my big mistake - when I got back I felt pretty awful too, although a drink did set me to rights quite quickly. We'd both smothered our visible skin in suncream so there was no burning, just (for me anyway) a short term yuckiness. But I had managed to walk 10 miles in total so I guess it's not surprising it took some toll.
He headed for home around 9pm and I collapsed into bed as soon as he left. I woke up around 3 am but surprisingly still feel fairly well rested, possibly because I just lay in bed reading a book instead of going through the frustration and stress of lying there trying to get back to sleep and clock watching.
Today I'm hoping to mow the lawn (it rained briefly last night but I don't think enough to make it a nightmare of a job) and go to the library but apart from that I plan to take it much more easily since I know from past experience that even if you think you've recovered that sort of feeling can come back and bite you if you're not careful. I enjoyed the day a lot so I'm not sorry we did any of it - just wish the weather had been a little more co-operative

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

My God it's hot

Yesterday it was about 28 degrees and I was hoping for a cool off overnight but the forecast for today is the same. I love seeing the sunshine, but when my brother visits we want to walk - a lot - (7 miles yesterday between 3 walks) and the heat was really draining.
My errand yesterday morning took an hour longer than it should have because I had to drive into Reading and the road system in Reading was designed by a PSYCHOTIC CHILD. Even with sat nav I got lost and drove in circles around the town centre so it took me an hour and 5 minutes to get to a destination 13 miles from home without much traffic. I hate driving in Reading.
Today we have no appointments or errands so we're hoping for a longer walk. Not sure how pleasant it will be given the temperature, but he's going home tomorrow so it's our best chance to get a good walk in.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


So behind on posting...
Friday I was tired again from not sleeping well, I binged a little bit (which I'm prone to do when I know something is going to happen that will take away my control over food, as when I go visiting someone or in this case they visit me). I drank a couple of beers in the evening as well, as M's parents were visiting and I hate being the only sober person at a party.
Saturday was a mixed day, it got off to a bad start when my glasses fell apart around 6 in the morning. I couldn't mend them so at 9am I was in Boots (drenched from walking through a downpour) while someone replaced a tiny screw for me. Until they were mended I was wearing prescription sunglasses which I'm sure looked perfectly normal in the middle of a MONSOON. Later we were taken out to lunch by my father in law and went to The Crown at Bray, which was wonderful but definitely not low carb. After lunch my FiL and I went for a long walk and I had a minor meltdown, possibly because of beer with lunch, and bashed his ears for hours - poor guy. He was a very sympathetic listener though and it was cathartic for me. We stopped at a pub for another beer on the walk and I made a friend:

It was very soothing and lovely to have a cat sitting on my lap for 10 minutes making a fuss of me ;-)
No-one wanted much food in the evening after our massive 3 course lunches so I just made some sandwiches for the men and then collapsed into bed.
Sunday M's parents left quite early and the rest of the day was very quiet (much needed after socialising). I had an upset stomach from ignoring the gluten issue and eating bread for a couple of days (why do I do it???) so I didn't want to go for a long walk, all I did do was stroll to Tesco for some lunchy bits.
Yesterday my brother came to visit for a few days. He arrived mid afternoon and we fitted in a few miles walking before dinner. I'd already been to Tesco and the library so I was fairly active. I'd decided to barbecue for dinner but due to gusty winds I couldn't get the cheapo disposable barbecue lit so we ended up ordering Chinese - and I had egg noodles, which were made with wheat, which is why I still have an upset stomach. (Seriously, WHY do I do it??? Actually I know why I keep doing it once I start, because it really does almost immediately set up specific wheat cravings in me. SO DON'T START IDIOT)
Today I have an errand in the morning then we'll be walking again, and I will be cooking a gluten free dinner. I can get back off the wheat. I CAN.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


I've had a very active (not productive - that's a different thing) day today. It started at 8 when I headed to the clinic to pick up a prescription and carried on to the pharmacy to get it filled. The pharmacy took 15 minutes to tell me they were out of stock - which was helpful - so I then had to head into town to find another pharmacy. Luckily we have 4 or possibly 5 so that wasn't a problem and I succeeded in my second attempt. It was so hot that when I got home I just wanted to collapse - but after 5 minutes of collapse I felt restless and a little bit lonely so after expending some energy ripping ginormous cardboard boxes down to a size that might fit in the recycling bin I headed out to the library.
In the afternoon I did week 3 of the Financial Markets course on my phone - there's a coursera app and it's excellent -  and then M asked me if I could pop to the supermarket for something so off I went again. Altogether I walked almost 8.5 miles, and because it was spread over so many shorter walks instead of one big one the heat wasn't absolutely unbearable.
In other news, there is no news on the job front.
My food was mostly good and for once I'm quite satisfied with the amount of exercise I got. If only every day went that way.
PS I have to confess that during a 40 minute video lecture on debt and leverage I nodded off and had to repeat part of the video. I don't think I can be blamed for that.....

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Hot again

Today I had a delivery to wait in for - due between 12:30 and 16:30. As it was furniture I had to hump some of our current furniture around to make room for the assembly - and I'm choosing to call that weight lifting. For a change i didn't let the delivery keep me penned indoors! I managed two short walks in the morning plus mowing the lawn, and another short walk after the delivery arrived at 15:00. Because of the heat and humidity they were very short walks - the whole lot combined to 6.3 miles. Still worth it though!
No news on the job front - no jobs to apply for and no feedback on the one yesterday.
Also in the morning I tried to make a treat for M in the baked goods arena. It was a disaster and ended up in the bin. Luckily I know where I went wrong and plan to try again tomorrow - if it works out I'll post a photo. If not I'll keep trying (despite the waste of ingredients) until it works out. And then I'll post a photo.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Didn't get the job...

Ah well... Apparently they were prepared to offer it to me when they discovered a past employee was available. If that's true they would've been daft to lose his experience for an unknown... So no nice walks along the toll path just yet. I have another iron in the fire now though I'm not relying on anything.
Before I found out I didn't get the job this morning I spent some time on housework in case I got it and they wanted an early start. M's parents are visiting at the weekend so I didn't want to risk not having time to do it properly - although if I'd known I was likely to be off all week I would have left it till the end of the week, now I'll have to do a freshener on Thursday.
After the housework and rejection email I took a walk to the library for a change. I meant to take a second walk in the afternoon but it was too damned hot and humid so I stayed in and read my library books instead. I finished week 2 of my online courses yesterday so I took a day off today.
My exercise was obviously lacking again today but my food was good - I'm feeling better about my eating generally, especially when I lost several hours sleep last night and didn't eat for short term energy boosting.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Interview and stuff

I was ridiculously nervous this morning when I realised that this was the first face to face interview I'd had for about 4 years due to several jobs arising from phone interviews and going back to the same company several times. I don't know why I was more nervous about that than a phone interview but a part of it was probably all the hassle around having to drive to a new place. Because I don't trust traffic ever I allowed an hour and a quarter for a 40 minute journey - and arrived over half an hour early. The office is in a really nice position backing on to a very well maintained and used canal - possibility of nice lunchtime walks if I get offered the job, which I should find out about on Monday. The job sounds OK, possibly high pressure but for so short a time it doesn't matter much.
My new interview suit fit well but was far too warm for such a hot day. When I got back home afterwards I had a quick lunch before going for a short walk - I wanted to go further but it was just too hot and humid. 
Food today was good, not much exercise and I confess I had a little whisky as a reward for making it to my interview. But I also finished week 1 of the Financial Markets course so my day was... Mostly good.