Friday, 17 August 2018

Can't believe my stupid brain these days!

I thought my memory would improve on the patches but I haven’t remembered to post on the right day for days. Maybe because I posted Wednesdays on Thursday, I thought “I’ve already posted today” when it came to Thursdays? Anyway, here’s an attempt at getting it right today.
I slept quite badly last night and wasn’t happy when my alarm went off. I did however manage to get up and to do my morning training and even succeeded in incorporating a few higher intensity bursts. I also realised (during those higher intensity bits) that my badly fitting sports bra isn’t really offering the required support – bits of me may still be bouncing now J
I was supposed to eating breakfast at a local restaurant with some other testers today but it was postponed because I had already eaten breakfast (the restaurant didn’t open till 8:30. I get up at 4:45 and then train. This is not an ideal combination) and a couple of people had the day off. Since then I’ve looked at the menu and confirmed my suspicion that I’ll probably be eating at least trace amounts of gluten. Oh well, maybe I’ll find another excuse next week.
I ate angelically yesterday and so far am on plan to do the same thing today. I’m wondering if I should switch my main meal of the day to lunchtime so I don’t have so much food before yoga in the evening. I like eating that way anyway, but because I’m in work I would have to make the decision to only eat salads or microwaveable-reheated meals for my main meal rather than being able to cook freshly. That doesn’t appeal, so I guess I’ll carry on as is for a while longer. Although if I could work it out I think it would reduce the chance of my snacking in the afternoon or on the way home, which is another bonus, but still… I wouldn’t have access to any real cooking facilities. What to do, what to do… I know, I’ll retire so that I can focus on diet and exercise and do what I want when I want. So long as it doesn’t cost any money.
Huh. Or… Maybe I’ll buy a lottery ticket, win a fortune, and retire properly…

Thursday post - forgot again

Nothing major, just a bit of a headache and very tired. I still trained this morning – my favourite ‘do it before you wake up enough to realise you don’t want to’ approach. I think I woke up a little early and was literally in the process of falling asleep again when the alarm went off. Very disorienting! 
I didn’t walk to the station today – it was pouring with rain and I needed to fuel the car anyway so it seemed a good day to choose to drive to the station. I’m now relieved I did, because I doubt I’d feel better if I’d walked than I now do. And also because I don’t think I’d be happy having the walk home ahead of me.

ETA  I didn't mind not walking home at all! I did manage my yoga last night, with some slight improvements 

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Better.... Wednesday post

I completely forgot to do the yoga DVD yesterday! I’m not impressed with myself there. I did train as you know, but I have to confess that after posting about climbing back on the wagon I slipped and fell under the wheels. A packet of crisps worth. And a little whisky, which contributed to forgetting about the yoga. Ah well.
I’m wondering if rather than trying to do the climber every morning and the yoga every evening I should alternate between the two in the mornings until I start to get stronger. I know I might be inclined to make excuses about working hard because of my back, but the back is a real thing and I don’t want to be laid out on it because I was stupid. And it did prevent me training on Friday last. Got to stop messing about with things and find some consistency at some point or I’m never going to make progress.
This morning I did train again. Due to some glitches with the AV we have set up to stop the climber being as mind numbingly dull as it naturally is, I actually did 24 minutes this morning, and there were a couple of short intervals of more vigorous exercise in there. I didn’t really think about intervals when considering different ways to up the ante once I start to get stronger, but that’s probably the best way thinking about – harder work without increasing the time or having to get up even earlier. Sold!
Mean time I haven’t eaten any total junk today although I did have a gluten free sausage roll as part of my lunch, which probably wasn’t the best idea. I plan to not drink and do yoga today but who knows if my resolve will survive the hour and a half journey home as I get hungrier…

ETA  I forgot to post this until now, when I can happily report that my resolve did survive the journey! I didn't cave to eating junk, stayed away from the booze, yoga'd and prepped my training gear for today !

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Stupid wagon

Things went slightly less well the day after my last post; I had some back and ankle pain which was probably because I was training every day (not hard but harder than I’m used to) so I worked from home on Friday and didn’t train or do yoga, and had half a pint of beer. I told you its easier to be good when I work out, didn’t I?
On Saturday morning I did housework in preparation for my in-laws visiting, then they arrived so I didn’t train again; it also poured with rain all day so I didn’t get my walk with my father in law (after the event we discovered we both wanted to even if it was raining, but didn’t suggest it out of consideration for the other – so we decided to try to make up for it this Saturday)
I was very restrained with the alcohol – only a pint and a half all day, which considering they arrived before lunch is pretty impressive in my opinion. I also didn’t eat tons of food, but did accidentally eat gluten in the form of dry roasted peanuts.
Then it was Sunday. Due to all the excitement and noise (not to mention snoring coming from different places) I slept pretty badly and was really tired Sunday morning. My in laws left quite early and I ended up having a nap. I had  a lot of washing up to catch up (ok dishwasher loading) and a lot of tv and reading to catch up on, plus was still tired, so again, despite my plans, didn’t train or go very far.
Yesterday I had a small binge. I’d slept badly again on Sunday night, I was on annual leave so had nothing specific to do, and it was the desire for fast energy, and I therefore broke the whole no sweet stuff thing. And ate more gluten. I’m being punished for the gluten today and regret the sweetness but today I’m back on track. I hauled myself out of bed at 4:45 and trained in my underwear and sports bra because I’d forgotten to get my kit ready and didn’t want to take the time in my limited morning routine.
I can’t lie though, I’ve been wanting junk food today. Haven’t had any crappy carbs, snacked on pork rind this morning. So little it takes to tip me off the wagon… But I’m climbing back on it!

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Bendy. Not.

My yoga DVD came yesterday and I did the first session last night. Let’s just say that not doing it for an embarrassing number of years was really obvious in my flexibility – and when you’re struggling to do things you used to be able to do (surely only the day before yesterday???) the yoga practise is significantly less relaxing! My theory was that doing it before bed, because it used to make me feel relaxed, would help with sleep as well as flexibility, back strength and mood. Well, I’m sure that will happen… in a while. Right now it was like 20 minutes of my body yelling “What are you doing to me!!!” in a very loud voice!  I’m very pleased I got it even so, simply because I just don’t notice how inflexible I am in daily life and therefore would only get more so without this wakeup call!
Training so far: 20-23 minutes per day Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on the climber.
I walked 3.4 miles Sunday, 6 miles Monday, 5.6 miles Tuesday, 5.8 miles Wednesday, and so far today I’ve done 2.1 (that would suggest about 4.5 altogether by the time I get home as I didn’t go anywhere at lunchtime)
And I groaned and struggled my way through a 20 minute beginners yoga thing yesterday.
That’s a big improvement on last week, when the walking was all I managed, and I do feel much lighter and brighter as a result (so far – but that could be delirium from lack of sleep and an excess of caffeine)
I still haven’t eaten anything sweet except fruit, though I did drink a little grapefruit juice last night. (I don’t approve of juice for me due to its sugariness – but I opened a tin of grapefruit segments in juice and it was right there…) Also still no alcohol. I will be drinking at the weekend because I’m socialising with the in-laws and that just doesn’t happen without alcohol. However I’m aiming not to drink much outside that – if at all – for calorific reasons. I’m feeling strangely motivated and enthusiastic – even invigorated - about the weight loss thing at the moment and I’d like it to last (if I’m totally honest I’d prefer to put off the socialising at the weekend, but I suppose there are other priorities above and beyond my weight. There are, right? Right? Or do you think I should tell them to come back in December instead??? Because I’d be happy to do it…)

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Doing... OK

I did write a post yesterday but I didn’t publish it because it turned into a rambling stream of (un)consciousness with no point, no meaning and very little interest even to me even as I wrote it.
Given that I often post mindless drivel you can possibly imagine how bad it was if I wasn’t willing to share it!
Anyway… I have now trained (for a fairly undemanding 20 - 22 minutes at a time) 4 days in a row! I’ve been getting up at 4:45 but today it was 4:40 and it seems to be getting easier to drag myself out of bed. I’m not pushing myself too much because I have injured my back too often to take chances. I plan to start doing a short beginners yoga session in the evenings to hopefully strengthen my back – first time today, if the DVD I ordered at the weekend arrives on time. I owned the disk before and gave it away years ago when I thought I no longer had back problems – turns out that was premature – but I credit it at least partially for the few years when I didn’t have back ache in my thirties, and hope it will do that again. Bizarrely now that I’ve finally forced myself onto the climber for some light training I actually want to do more – it’s disconcerting for someone as lazy as me, but in a good way! In the mornings I want to build on what I’m doing so far but I’m torn between working out for longer (which means getting up earlier again) or sticking at the same length of time but increasing the intensity. Perhaps I’ll stay as is for now on weekdays and add one forty minute session on the weekend when I have more time to see how I get on. I want to protect my back but also build my fitness or it’s not worth the lost sleep (and extra laundry from all the sweaty work-out clothes).
Since Thursday I haven’t eaten anything sweet apart from fresh fruit – not even fruit juice or dried fruit – and not missing it as much as I thought. Plenty of veg and at least 2 pieces of fruit a (work) day so it could easily just be that I’m not low carb enough yet to feel it. In fact that probably is it as I’ve also been eating cooked and cooled new potatoes for the resistant starch.
Still needing lots of coffee though. No booze again yesterday, I wonder if that’s why it was easier to get up this morning? Sunday I was drinking prosecco and getting up Monday morning was painful (literally – I had a headache)
Now that I am enjoying a (probably short lived) surge of enthusiasm for healthier living, it seems to me that I really need to retire and spend all my time being good, shopping mindfully and working out. Going to work in the office-of-chocolate-and-cake is clearly taking up far too much of my time and energy. 

Monday, 6 August 2018

Back in the office today

And trying to maintain my sweet-free trend. 
On Saturday I had to get the car serviced, so I drove into Cardiff in the morning and spent a couple of hours in the town (I know I work there but I rarely just wander around at lunchtime so it was quite pleasant) Over the years I’ve developed a trend of using that kind of errand as an excuse to go into a coffee shop and buy a coffee and some kind of pastry or cake, not always gluten free. This time I still went into a coffee shop and I ordered a latte, but I wasn’t even tempted by the cakes and even walked through the M & S food hall without buying anything – I consider that a real achievement and a massive victory. I stopped at Morrisons on the way home afterwards and still avoided buying anything very naughty (OK, except for some booze. But one thing at a time.)
Yesterday I strolled to Aldi’s for some things I’d still managed to forget even in Morrisons, and after lunch climbed onto the climber for the first time in months. I’ve had a bad back after using it a few times in the past, so I took it very gently and only stayed on for twenty minutes (which, between my unfitness and the heat, was enough to make me thoroughly sweaty) and then I trained on it for another twenty minutes this morning before the walk to the train station. I’m not guaranteeing it will last, but when the urge to train is upon me I think it’s quite important to go with it!
Foodwise I’m probably overeating but at least I’m over eating gluten free and not too sweet, so I’m OK with that for now.
However I did sleep appallingly on Friday night, and again last night. In order to fit in some training this morning I set my alarm for 4:45 am, and I think I probably actually woke up closer to 4. It was massively massively tempting to not train this morning – to get up at the new time and ‘get used’ to getting up at that time for a few days first – but I somehow managed to argue myself out of it. Another victory! However, I’m not sure how much I’ll want to walk home from the station today so I expect to moan a lot this evening… And I’m on my 4th or possibly 5thcoffee of the morning as I write this, so I’m a little buzzy in the head.