Tuesday, 16 July 2019


You might have noticed (guessed) that my moderate chirpiness didn’t last long, and when I couldn’t think of good things any more I didn’t like to moan about bad things either.
M keeps saying we’re headed for another World War. I don’t know if I believe that or not, but I do get very down at the moment by the horrible and disgusting people who seem to be stomping all over everyone to get to the top. The choice of next PM is someone I can’t stand or someone I can’t stand. I used to think BJ was the worst of the two, but now I’m not sure if there even is a worst one as opposed to just two horrible choices. I don’t get to make that choice and I’m (relatively) happy about that since it means I don’t have to live with my choice or blame myself when everything goes pear shaped. And since watching Panorama about Labour I can’t even feel fearful hope about a General Election. And then there’s the Lib Dems. They seem more civilised but is that just because they aren’t important enough for the media to tell us the horrible stuff they’re doing / saying? And if they are more civilised does it even matter if they aren’t important enough for the media to tell us much about what they’re doing / saying? And don’t even get me started (again) on the orange horror in the White House or the useless wastes of space in Congress and the Senate either aiding and abetting or at least enabling him.
Welcome to my brain. Bet you wish you lived here too.
Is there a single country anywhere in the world that has a single decent politician left in a position of current or soon power? Because if there is I think I want to move there. New Zealand looks nice, and I don’t hate the very little I know about their PM. But its soooo far away. Anywhere?

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

The Good, The Bad and The Boring

Good – I worked from home / bad – it was because of a physio appointment so I’m in pain / good – I’m missing a meeting (I hate meetings) / bad -
Good – I booked an exam for work that I’ve been putting off doing for more than 6 months / bad – Now I have to revise and take the exam!
Good – I still don’t want to binge / bad – why do I have to eat myself sick to get to a place where I don’t want to eat myself sick? / bad I gained 2.5lbs bingeing / good – already lost 1.5 of them since weighing myself yesterday morning – so it was at least partly water weight
Good – Labour is now campaigning for a second People’s Vote / Remain / Bad – I’m not convinced that it will make a difference
Good – I started the day with some writing / bad – got nothing so the good news wins!
It’s been a quiet day today because I haven’t left the house, but moderately busy so not too boring, which is always nice. Not providing much to post about though, sorry about that. I mean I could tell you in detail what I did with a spreadsheet but then I… wouldn’t have to kill you because you’d die of boredom with the first sentence.

Monday, 8 July 2019


What a beautiful Monday it is! That doesn’t stop me hating the Monday-ness, but I’m trying to be more positive and following Diane’s suggestion.
  1. Bad – it’s Monday / good – it’s a sunny beautiful Monday
  2. Bad – my sunburn is itching and peeling / good - I prefer itching to feeling like I have 3rd degree burns
  3. Bad  - I binged all weekend (and the weekend started on Friday) / good - I’m sick of bingeing now
This morning I was supposed to be switching out by clunky old work laptop for a newer, slimmer, lighter one. I had an excuse not to work for an hour while the new one was being set up, and then the support person went away without picking up my old laptop. I was thisclose to taking it downstairs and handing it over when I discovered that my most current WIP novel wasn’t properly backed up onto the network – the most recent copy was only on my hard drive! I know better than that! And because the old machine was still here I was able to salvage it! But now I’m all stressed and worked up from nearly losing all that work. Good grief!!! Such a relief (I don’t think it’sgood, but it’s my bad first draft and I didn’t want to have to go back and redo it!

Thursday, 4 July 2019


My sunburn is doing better 😊 I worked from home today to recover from the chairs in the meeting and through that also protected the sunburn from my rucksack, so silver linings and all that.
I slept very badly last night and woke up feeling really groggy and also really achy – and judging from the state of my bedclothes when I pried my eyes open, I think I spent the night performing karate katas, which would explain the grogginess and the achiness.
So I don’t have anything even a little bit interesting to tell you because I haven’t left the house – I’ve barely left the bedroom – and haven’t done anything except work, read and watch TV (no, not all at the same time) and eat.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Wednesday, on Wednesday

Here I am again, I was in the office this morning so that I could attend the all-morning all-company meeting. It  involved multiple presentations by a variety of departments, so sadly there seemed little chance of it coming in at under the planned 3.25 hours (but one or two of the presenters were so nervous they rushed through the material) as well as annoyingly cheesy competitions and quizzes. If they just left out the games section (which I don’t believe anyone really enjoys or benefits from) the whole thing would actually be more tolerable.
On the subject of cheesy and annoying, I was so happy to see that the Brexit Party MEPs are already making themselves (and sadly the rest of the UK) look like fools. Not to mention being disrespectful, juvenile, hypocritical and moronic. Not one of them will refuse the massive salaries that come with being an MEP or demonstrate their belief that we shouldn’t be there by not standing as MEPs though, oh no, that would be too reasonable, intelligent and honest. Nigel Farage is a dick and it looks like he has at least 28 friends who are no better. At least the Lib Dems were there to make it clear they don’t represent all of us.
I feel better now I’ve got that off my chest :)
This morning I drove to the station to give the sun burn a rest from the pressure and rubbing of my rucksack. It was a beautiful morning, so it was a shame not to get the walk, but that loss should remind me not to do that again, and I’d walked over 6 miles on each of  Monday and Tuesday so I was a little tired anyway. I went home at lunchtime to WFH for the afternoon, and it was quite pleasant driving home in the sunshine with the aircon going full belt (once the driving wheel cooled down enough to handle without 3rd degree burns)

Wrote this yesterday but forgot to post it - so Tuesday

Its cooler and cloudier today again thankfully. My back (sunburn) is still killing me so now I’m willing to whimper about it.
I bought some after sun at lunchtime and the price made me whimper again, but at least it was cooling and soothing.
Mid-morning today we got an email summoning us to a team photo shoot. I hate having my photo taken at the best of times, but today was worse because I glow in the dark, I was dressed in an outfit I’d already decided never to wear again after catching my reflection in the mirror in the ladies’ room, and I had pink hair (the last one being the least embarrassing.)
I haven’t mentioned it before, but because I’m prone to unexpected mood dips these days – or should that be all the time? I decided to liven myself up a bit, to cheer myself up. I got really sick of my hair do but it’s too short to easily change without months of growing it out (I only do that when I’m deep in depression and can’t face going to the hairdresser, because my hair grows out rather than down). So I bought a selection of coloured hair chalks and now I change my hair colour every few days or so. I like pinks and purples best, but also have a blue-green and a dark metallic grey I like. For the first few weeks I only used it at weekends and religiously washed it out by Monday. Then I stopped worrying about having colourful streaks at the start of the week, and eventually I started going to work with the chalk on. I mostly forget about it unless I catch my reflection or touch my hair (chalk doesn’t have the best texture sadly – but I don’t seem to be able to settle for one colour, so it’s the easiest and cheapest way to keep changing it out) but I occasionally feel self-conscious, mainly if someone looks surprised when they see me or, like today, I have to have my picture taken. I managed to hide behind a colleague so only a small part of me should be visible, but having the photo taken still managed to make me grumpy for a large chunk of the day.
Tomorrow I will be in a meeting all morning. It’s due to last from 9 – 12:15 and will include just one comfort break. So expect my next post (tomorrow or a week on Friday depending on my mood) to be filled with complaints about the back pain AGAIN – I generally try to get up and move around every half hour or so and it still hurts like hell by the end of the week.

Monday, 1 July 2019

Yet another nother Monday

I’m not going to try to excuse disappearing last week because I’ve reached such a level of unreliability you’re probably more surprised when I do post. Thursday I worked from home. Friday I worked from home. On neither day did I walk. Saturday was summer here in Wales. It hit about 28 in my corner of the countryside. Because it was summer I walked and then christened a brand new barbecue, using it twice – in the morning I cooked up some meat to eat cold during the week (so I had a chance to try it out without the pressure of timing a meal) and then again in the evening for dinner. I actually cooked a whole chicken on it in the morning – which was delicious – but it took an hour and a quarter and because of the new bbq I monitored it constantly, and because I’m very stupid I did so without sun screen. So I got sunburnt. The back of my neck was the area most affected and it happens to be exactly where the top of my rucksack rubs when I put it on / take it off – and exactly where it rests while I’m walking. So that’s nice. And it gave me some trouble sleeping Saturday & last night too. I’m telling you that for information, not for sympathy, since I accept that you don’t get sympathy for self-inflicted injuries.
On Sunday afternoon I tried to watch a movie in a darkened room. I fell asleep for a bit and then gave up. Apart from that it was a weekend of cooking, TV, and (mostly) reading. Very quiet really, although Saturday wore me out, probably because I also got rather dehydrated and a lot more fresh air than I’m used to. In my defence, we don’t see the sun that often in Wales.
Today I went into the office, which meant being very uncomfortable walking to the station (rucksack-related), walking to the office (ditto) and walking around town at lunchtime visiting multiple establishments to try to shop, none of which proved productive. Hopefully by tomorrow the burned skin will be past caring. In a way it makes a nice change to be complaining about something other than my back (although that was killing me all of Saturday and most of Sunday – so the status quo remains quo)