Saturday, 7 December 2019

Thursday and Friday and late again

Working from home today, and did so yesterday, so no walking on the platform or climbing stairs in the office.
However I did manage a gentle stretching session and a gentle climber session before I started work on both days, and spent my lunch time yesterday walking in the cold. Sadly it was grey dreary cold not bright sunny cold. And today the forecast is nonstop rain all day, so walking isn’t very likely, other than round and round my own house (indoors).  Also yesterday we put up the Christmas tree and decorations even though neither M nor myself is very in to Christmas. Probably to do with not having kids, so not really getting the childlike enthusiasm. 
Yesterday was the company Christmas party – obviously I didn’t go and never intended to, you know me better than that! But it meant not much got done yesterday (too many people getting dressed ridiculously early and flitting around the office noisily talking about what was coming) and not much was done today due to lots of people taking the day off to recover, and lots of other people sitting grey-faced and nauseous (and quiet and unproductive) at their desks. No, I wasn’t there to see it this year, but that’s how it was last year so I can vividly picture it.
 Food today:
Breakfast: Smoothie
Lunch: Vegetable lentil soup
Dinner: beef curry with ‘slim’ konjac rice

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Wednesday, honestly

Yoga again yesterday and feeling better again today. Even though I don’t seem to be making any progress in terms of my hip flexibility so far. I know compared to yogis who’ve been practicing yoga for 10-50 years I’ve not been doing it for very long, but I do see improvement in hamstrings, for instance, and some twists, so it’s a little frustrating that my hips are still as flexible and mobile as Mount Everest. I keep looking for videos to help develop more mobility, but some of the ‘beginner’ videos still require more mobility at the beginning than I have. I spent some time yesterday starting to watch and then bailing out from several videos that I couldn’t even begin to follow, getting a bit discouraged if I’m honest. But I am determined to get my hips as mobile as they’re capable of being so that doesn’t mean I’m giving up on it. I just have to accept that I’m not as naturally flexible (or as young) as the women in the videos, and can’t change that, but can work with what I do have. I suppose.
I went for a walk at lunchtime today again. Of course 😊 It was a beautiful day in Cardiff, bright and sunny… and very, very cold. I just wore my scarf and dug my hands right into my pockets and walked faster. It felt quite good! And I got my 10K in by the time I returned to the office.
I was less happy about having to go to a meeting at 4pm though. I generally leave work at 4 – and don’t enjoy having to hang around past that point. That is why I get up so early and catch such an early train after all. Still, tomorrow I’ll be able to take an extra half hour for lunch to ‘claim it back’ so it won’t kill me. Especially as I’ll be losing half an hour in the dark and gaining half an hour in daylight by doing that.

Food today:
Breakfast: Vanilla breakfast smoothie
Lunch: bratwurst with peppers and sauerkraut
Dinner: homemade Bolognese with konjac noodles, followed by a piece of cheese.
Snacks: satsuma, plum

Tuesday, 3 December 2019


Last night I did do yoga and this morning I feel a bit better. I wonder if those two things are connected??? I do know that I feel better physically when I yoga (unless I pick too advanced a routine and then I feel 98 and feeble) but if it can affect my mood as well so quickly that’s pretty weird. Maybe its more that when I feel good or feel myself coming out of a slump I’m more likely to do the yoga and when I’m sliding downhill I’m more likely to fall into bed and say 'maybe tomorrow' then regret it.
Ah well, so yesterday was a bad day in terms of bingeing wildly – at lunchtime I went shopping and ate far too much. If I’m totally honest though, it wasn’t the kind of binge I used to do so I suppose that is something to cling to. I did stretch in the morning and although it took all day plus walking to the car after work to do them, I did walk 10K steps.
I also ignored the amount I ate at lunchtime and still had a full dinner as well. However, yesterday afternoon we were all given a chocolate gift set at work and I didn’t eat that – so some self-control did remain. And that was lucky because when I checked the ingredients this morning (having not thought of it yesterday) it contained wheat. WHEAT. It was a smarties gift set and I’m still not sure where they hid the wheat. Either way, I gave it to a colleague who isn’t gluten-challenged and that felt good.
Today I had the chance for a company Indian buffet for lunch, but ate my packed lunch instead because I knew what was in it and had added it to my food diary more or less accurately. So a little more self-control utilised. Might have run out of today’s stock of self-control now but at least I made that much effort. And also went for a lunchtime walk that got me out of the way of temptation.
Yesterday my MiL gave me a Cheese-Lovers Advent Calendar. I had two pieces of cheese after dinner yesterday and they were lovely. I’ll be using them as ‘dessert’ rather than eating cheese at 6 am. Even though if it were a chocolate advent calendar I’d be perfectly happy to eat the chocolate at 6 am.
Reading the above you might be forgiven for thinking my day revolves around food and (very gentle) exercise. And you'd be right.

Food today:
Breakfast: smoothie with some Genius GF pancakes (left over from yesterday. But added to the diary they aren’t actually that bad)
Lunch: Bratwurst with peppers and sauerkraut
Dinner: rump steak with kimchi followed by cheese from my advent calendar.
Snacks: Satsuma

Monday, 2 December 2019


I am feeling very out of sorts today. And have been all weekend actually. I’m sleeping badly again and its making me (when combined with the weather) just want to binge on fattening foods then hibernate for the winter. So yesterday I did in fact binge on fattening foods, and that’s probably not helping me today.
I skipped yoga on Saturday and Sunday because I was too tired. Which is an OK excuse on a work day but pathetic on a weekend, I should have just done it earlier than I usually do. Because I haven’t done that I felt more stiff this morning when doing my morning stretches than I’m used to feeling.
Food today:
Who cares?
And then some more

Saturday, 30 November 2019

Friday post on Saturday

My cold got worse today – in the ‘bunged up stuffy nose’ area anyway. I suppose it was going too well yesterday and the day before. Anyway, I still got up as normal to stretch before work, but found it harder to get my breathing right while doing it. I went into the office as usual and had a half day because my team Christmas Lunch (#2) was happening at 12:00 today. I had pre-requested my mail – Gravadlax starter, followed by haddock with crushed new potatoes and veg, then crème brulee. It was a in a chain I hadn’t tried before – Cote Brasserie – in Cardiff, and there was a very big group going so I was a bit concerned that the service might suffer because of numbers, even though we’d been asked to choose all 3 courses in advance. I wasn’t planning to drink of course, and to make sure I couldn’t be tempted I drove to the station so I would have to drive home again. Unlike last week’s lunch the table was booked for 12 so I also managed to get home early – I headed off for the train while the more convivial members of the team went to the pub. I don’t know if someday I’ll be so used to not drinking on social occasions that I won’t mind being with people who are, but it still feels weird and very annoying to me so far. I guess the habits of more than twenty years aren’t changed in less than one year. I have discovered a couple of alcohol-free beers that I quite like the taste of to help me feel less left out but of course they don’t produce the effect of tolerating drunkenness, however authentic(ish) they taste.
I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do the evening yoga today after all the eating, but skipping dinner because I was still full meant that I was able to. I’m definitely finding some things easier but my hips still aren’t as mobile as I’d like. It may just be that they never will be, but I’m going to carry on trying to find some improvement. I was intending to start adding something more energetic – the climber – back in tomorrow but now it will depend how the cold is doing, since I don’t fancy panting for breath while streaming with sweat.
I have a hair appointment tomorrow so I probably will get in a decent walk after doing the weekly shop. Today it took some marching on the spot in the kitchen because I didn’t go off on a walk at lunchtime, other than strolling to the restaurant.
Food today:
 Breakfast: summer fruit smoothie and a satsuma
Lunch: Gravadlax. Haddock, crème brulee
Dinner: not really required
Snacks: apple with babybel, plum

Thursday, 28 November 2019


Hi guys, remember me? 
I said I thought I was catching a cold and I was right; I didn’t say that would make me disappear but probably should have. I wrote one or two posts that never got posted, but most of the time I was far too busy feeling sorry for myself to even write them. On Saturday I visited my mum, which was lovely, and on Sunday I ran around like a blue assed fly trying to catch up with my house work for the week. I was actually off work on Monday and Wednesday, but Monday was the day I felt worse so apart from walking into town to buy some Night Nurse and Day Nurse I didn’t really make the most of the day – I even skipped a few days of yoga and a couple of days stretching due to finding it difficult to breathe when in twisted / bent positions.
On Tuesday I was at work and had my flu jab for this year. I must admit I was questioning its value considering that I was already under the weather, but almost  as soon as I had it I started feeling better (plus walking across town for my appointment helped me get 10K steps in) so it was the right decision.
Yesterday I managed to walk over 8 miles in a couple of walks, (17K+ steps) but that wore me out, so no post then either. I pushed through the evening yoga and then almost fell asleep reading my kindle, as I’d taken some Night Nurse to help me get to sleep.
Today I went into the office again. I had a two hour workshop in the afternoon that it would have been hard to justify missing, so I didn’t have a lot of choice to be honest. Still, I woke up a bit before my alarm and managed my stretches this morning so it was definitely a better start to the day. Hopefully tonight I’ll be up to yoga again as well.
Food today:
Breakfast: smoothie topped with pomegranate seeds
Lunch: Bratwurst, peppers and sauerkraut
Dinner: Bolognese with konjac spaghetti and a side of cavolo nero.
Snacks: Satsuma, babybels
I have to confess that while feeling dreadful I made no attempt to eat properly or food journal accurately. I pretty much ate what I felt like, including pick’n’mix sweets yesterday. I figured I could worry about the weight question when I felt better. Sop now I am, although I didn’t weigh myself because I didn’t want to see the damage. I’m working towards paying attention to that again after my second work Christmas Lunch on Friday (tomorrow) if I can do so without going crazy.

Friday, 22 November 2019

I think I'm catching a cold

I didn’t want to get up or go to the office this morning. Last night I had a drink, then followed that with yoga (probably shouldn’t do that). I had worked from home and gone for a long walk at lunchtime, and had done my stretching but had also eaten some chocolate. It was a mixed day, lets just say. And both yesterday and today I had a slight sore throat and a 'beginning to be congested' sensation in my nose 😷
Today the only reason I went to the office instead of working from home is that I had committed to a Christmas Lunch with my team. And bought a Secret Santa present for it. We were going to a Miller & Carter steakhouse – I used to go to the one in Reading and liked it, but until today I hadn’t been to one that was fully booked as part of a group of nearly 30 people. I was feeling a little trepidation that it would take forever and we’d be crammed on top of each other, given how busy it was going to be. I also didn’t intend to drink since I did last night and still don’t want to start drinking again fully. Needless to say I was in a minority not drinking at a free lunch, although not, happily, a minority of one. They had my favourite alcohol -free beer, and the food was good so I enjoyed it - but left when the drinkers started getting drinky since I don't enjoy that when I'm sober. I had to spend the evening marching around the kitchen to get my steps in because the stroll to the restaurant and from the restaurant to the train station wasn't enough to replace a lunchtime spent walking as if it was my job. It wasn't a bad day though, all round.
 Food today:
Breakfast: smoothie with yogurt and fruit
Lunch: Christmas meal (one of them) for work. I had a chicken wings starter, a rump steak with fries etc, and eton mess for dessert. Not particularly seasonal, but then I’m not much of a fan of turkey, especially at a steakhouse!
Dinner: who needs dinner after a 3 course meal? 
Snacks: Greek yogurt with a tiny bit of honey and fruit.